At Door Bow Co. we’ve created beautiful home décor, designed to transform your home into a festive and whimsical sanctuary. With our bows and accessories, you can turn any celebration into an event to remember! Our door bows are made from premium, high quality tulle with a one-of-a-kind design. They come fully assembled in a reusable storage box. Like your memories, our bows will last a lifetime.

Why door bows?

Founder Sofia lived as an expat in Canada and fell in love with the magical atmosphere of North American Christmases. Combined with her love of her childhood Christmases in Brisbane, she decided to bring a luxe touch to Christmas decorating in Australia. The signature Red Bow grew so popular that Sofia soon launched the Dusty Rose Bow and the Something Blue Bow, as well as Cabinet Bows and Bowbles, perfect for all kinds of celebrations. Whether it’s Easter, a birthday, a wedding, a baby shower or just because, Door Bow Co. has your festivities covered!